Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book Review: 52 Loaves

"52 Loaves" by author William Alexander (author of "The $64 Tomato") is a fun read. If you are familiar with "The $64 Tomato" and enjoyed it, then you will most likely enjoy this one. It is written in the same style. Alexander is a great writer and he is able to make you smile and laugh at the simplest of situations. This is not a recipe book, though it does contain valuable baking information. Alexander takes you on his quest to make the best from scratch bread he can. He takes the term "from scratch" a bit seriously and even sets out to grow his own wheat! Through ups and downs he tastes through 52 loaves of bread. Does he make the perfect loaf? Read and find out if for no other reason than you could learn from his mistakes in seeking the perfect loaf and not repeat them.